Make 2018 The Year of Why Not!

Happy 2018 Friends,
I love January 1st.  That date represents closure of the past and an opening to the endless possibilities the new year 2018 holds.  Even though we don’t have control over what will transpire in 2018, we do have control over our attitudes and actions.  We also have the power to dream, set goals and plan.

     January offers a time to dream new dreams and set new goals.  A time to map out a course of action to achieve those goals.

The 2Laughing Gal Challenge

This year, I invite you to participate in the 2018 Laughing Gal Dream Again Challenge.  Whether it is spiritual, physical, or mental, this challenge is for you to leave your comfort zone and pursue your dreams this year.   Dreams to begin (again) that fitness program and make serious lifestyle changes that will get you fit and keep you healthy. Dreams to start planning for that great idea to become a business.  To register for the classes you need to finish your degree.  To quit that job you hate and make a career change.  To make plans for that trip you have always wanted to take.  The list goes on and on.  While I am not advocating recklessness or behavior that destroys relationships and ruins families, I am challenging you to identify that one bucket list dream and asking yourself, “Why Not Now? Why Not Me?”

2laughing Gals

What about me?

This year my ‘Why Not’ item is to partner with my son and start an online business!  Instead of listening to the voices of self-doubt and self-reproach telling me my ideas are crazy & I’ll fail, this year I am going to answer back with, “You’re right, but Why Not, what have I got to lose?”  The silver lining in taking risks is in all the useful knowledge I’ll have on the other side of this adventure.

What is your ‘Why Not’ dream?

Friends, what will you write on the pages of your 2018? Will you write lines inspired by faith or fear? Will you take giant leaps of faith to do things beyond your comfort zone, or will you choose to walk in the ruts of mediocrity?

If you take me up on this challenge, please share in the comment section below.  I’d love to have friends share this challenge with me!

Much Love,


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