San Juan, Puerto Rico- Post Maria

Everyone should have that one travel destination that makes them happy.  A place that brings out feelings of nostalgia and a sense of homecoming everytime you visit.  For me, Puerto Rico is that destination. I love the climate, the beaches, the people, and most of all the fact that it is only a 4-hour flight from DC. So, whenever I need a deep rest, some vitamin D in the form of the sun, and a Caribbean vibe that makes all in my world right, I head to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

My last trip was this past August.  I came solo, rented a wonderful VBRO (thanks, Victor), hung out with friends, and lazed in the sun for a week. It was just what my soul needed, after which I returned to my hectic life reenergized and revitalized.   Within weeks of my visit, Hurricane Maria made her devastating landfall destroying much of the island.

Yesterday, I came back to Puerto Rico and found the resilient people of Puerto Rico are slowly but surely making a recovery.

San Juan

The main tourist area of Condado and Old San Juan appear to be returning to normal with many of the hotels and restaurants open.  What is lacking is tourists as many of the beaches are deserted.  If you are thinking of a mid-winter getaway, I encourage you to think San Juan.  However, before booking, check with your travel agent Kathy@picturethistravel to make sure you are getting the best rate and that the hotel you want is open.  If you need any advice about which areas or hotel recommendations, please send me a note as I’ll be happy to tell you.



If you love warm weather, beautiful water, and no crowds, plan a trip here soon.  I am staying at a VBRO in Condado and have running water, electricity, and internet. 

With 80% of the island still without electricity, I’m not sure there is a silver lining.  However, if there was, I think it is that there is a resurgence of pride of country among the people of Puerto Rico.

While I come for sunshine and beautiful water, I always leave with a sense of gratitude and love for the beautiful spirit of the Puerto Rican People.  Island time and island attitude invite a pace that is unhurried and unencumbered.  I think the reason I love being here is that I slooooow down, check out of my rat-race mentality and I make time for conversation, good coffee, and laughter.

Until next time, Feliz Navidad from Puerto Rico!




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