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Friday’s Links & Likes pick is Athleta Chelsea Cargo pant!   I am very selective in which outfits end up in my carry-on suitcase.  These pants are my top pick for travel. Why?  Chelsea Cargo Pant has a classic look. They actually fit like a well-cut dress pant. These pants have 6 pockets, when I am rushing through the airports I like to secure my boarding pass in one of the zipper pockets.  The fabric of these pants feel weightless, they are rated UPC 50+ which provides excellent protection, they are quick drying, breathable and best of all these Chelsea Cargo pants have wrinkle recovery for smooth packing.  I roll my clothes when I pack, these pants rolled tight take very little space in my suitcase.  On my last trip, we ate Korean BBQ and I ended up with some grease spots on my new Chelsea cargo pants, I wasn’t worried because when I arrived home, I treated the spot area with some warm water and some blue Dawn dish soap, the spots came right out. There are two styles a wide-leg and a narrow leg.  2laughinggals like Athleta Chelsea cargo pants

Another favorite from Athleta is their With Ease Tank!  I purchased a white one and appreciate the higher neck tank!  I am modest and do not appreciate low-cut tank tops.  I like Athleta products over all, I consider the Chelsea cargo pants an investment piece because they are quality clothes which allow me to travel in comfort.

 As Athleta says, “Power to the She” and their clothing line have empowered me to pack light, pack with comfort and style all rolled into one!  Use the current promo code FASTSHIP to receive free shipping.  To receive 20% off your purchase use promo code BOOST.

As my family prepares for our future trip to China, these outfits from Athleta will be included.  2laughinggals travel to HangzhouWe will be traveling to Hangzhou, the home of my daughter-in-law.  We recently went through the process of acquiring our visas and received a 10-year visa for the same price as a shorter length visa.  Our world is so much smaller than when I was growing up.   Stay turned.  I will do my best to post as we travel but social media like Facebook and Instagram are blocked.  We are looking into VPN’s or Virtual Private Network, allows you to create a secure connection to another network oBuddhaver the Internet. VPNs can be used to access region-restricted websites, shield your browsing activity from prying eyes on public Wi-Fi, and more.  So much to learn.  So little time!

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