Destination: Coronado, California

There are 50 synonyms for the word beautiful on  If I were to add one more, it would be Coronado, California.    The small island community across the bay from San Diego oozes charm and congeniality.   Probably the most famous institution on the island is the Hotel Del Coronado.

Hotel del Coronado

This jewel of the West Coast was founded in 1888 by two developers with a vision to create a resort community for the rich and famous.  Today, the hotel is open to the public and worth your time to walk around exploring its shops, restaurants, and grounds.  

If the Hotel Del Coronado is not to your taste or to expensive, the island has other  hotels and  boutique motels scattered through out the neighborhoods.  

Plan for at least one afternoon at the beach.  The public beaches are immaculate, family friendly, and have changing and restroom facilities.  If you’re not staying on the island, beach parking is available on the streets.


Local Attractions

Orange street is a hub for shopping, dining and people watching.  Other attractions include:  touring the island on Segways, renting bicycles at Coronado’s Ferry Landing, or having a picnic at Silver Strand State beach.


Breakfast at Gustatory

We stumbles on this gem while driving around the island.  My breakfast recommendation is Ancient Grain Oatmeal & Black Coffee!

Island Life

The island is a mix of residential and commercial and is not for those with shallow pockets.  While cool million will buy you a condo, looking is free.  If you are a HGTV junky, you’ll love the different mix of architectural styles.

Art in the park on a Sunday afternoon.

Delightful, charming, quaint, chic, and tranquil are just a few adjectives to describe my experience here!  This is one destination that I will return to again and again!

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