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As a travel planner I like to know how safe and secure a travel location is for my clients.  I use GeoSure, allowing me to find global safety ratings for my clients as they plan their vacations. GeoSure analyzes locations all the way down the neighborhood level, so even if where you’re going is not far from home, use your app for an up-to-date GeoSure Safety Score (or safety rating). When selecting hotel locations it is always wise to run the hotel location through GeoSure.

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There are many helpful travel information resources available that can supplement and increase the value of the GeoSure app.  If you’re planning a trip with your family to Latin America and you are choosing between several cities. GeoSure gives you a rapid and current way to assess what places are safest and would be the best choice.

GeoSure in Rome!

GeoSure is unique and stands out from

other security reports in several ways.

GeoSure Safety Scores (safety ratings) from 1 (extremely safe) to 100 (extremely dangerous) are the only reports that cover six different safety categories for over 4000 cities and neighborhoods around the world – including all major cities, national and regional capitals and most tourism destinations. Safety categories: Overall Security, Theft, Physical Harm, Disease & Medical, Basic Freedoms (Political) and Women’s Safety. GeoSure Safety Scores are unrivaled because they are derived using an array of data sources and sophisticated predictive analytics, not just organizational judgments.

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GeoSure is customizable and allows you to get a personalized GeoSure score based upon your personal characteristics, travel habits and level of experience. Additionally, GeoSure allows you to report your experiences or ground truths – favorable or unfavorable – and share them with other members of the community. You get to see and share posts made by other travelers just like yourself from all over the world. GeoSure gives you a current safety assessment for a very specific location, not just an entire country or for a limited period of time.

Bottom-line: GeoSure provides you with a real-time assessment of your overall safety that is personalized to you and where you are going or where you are.

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My clients are like my family when I plan their travel.

Safety is always a number one consideration when I make travel plans.

I recommend GeoSure to provide a source of comfort as you make your travel plans.  Education is power,  use this app to make wise travel decisions anywhere in the world.

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