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Happy Good Friday! I found the perfect earrings to travel with, made by Grace & Heart!  A dear friend sells for Grace & Heart and through a home party I discovered these awesome light-weight earrings called Luna.  My friend calls them her “yoga” earrings because you are able to exercise while wearing them.  Grace & Heart markets themselves as real jewelry, real women, real opportunity.  To purchase these lovely earrings contact

Supporting my friends business endeavors has always been important. I admire entrepreneurial spirit.  As we age, it gets harder to gain employment. Many of us are in the process of working on developing second careers.  Not easy, but having a challenge to learn new things is good.

Starting has been part of my challenge for the last 2 years. We write using our mother’s first names in a way to honor them.  Slowly we are learning about the blogging business as each of us are busy.  Joi is an excellent math teacher and me, I am regaining my life after being an elected in our community for 15 years. I am re-creating my second career in the world of travel, so my current learning curve is pretty high. Some days are easier than others while I take steps forward and some days a few steps backward.  One of our goals, with this blog, is to bring to light, issues which we are all going through at this stage and hopefully make you feel you are not alone.   Our most important goal is about having a positive attitude.  It is very easy at our age to be reluctant to new opportunities, be inflexible to life.  Ruin relationships over lack of being flexible. Expect too much from each other as everyone is going through these same transitions.  We want you to stop and smell the roses of the moment.  Laugh more.  We would not have called this 2laughinggals if we weren’t about learning to laugh more!  God Love all of you as we head into Easter weekend.  

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  1. Vivi, thanks for the reminder to see things of our lives on the lighter side and yet remembering that getting older is not to be mocked as it brings about its own difficulties​. As scripture says (paraphrased), don’t worry about tomorrow as each day has it’s own troubles. Hope you have a great Easter too. By the way, my family and I will be traveling to Alaska this summer for a week long trip. Got any tips for traveling up there for an old Paddock Lane school friend? 😎

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