Great Wall of China-Mutianyu, the flying dragon

Get your walking shoes on as you prepare your climb to the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall of China.  Stairway to Great Wall

Built in 1404, Mutianyu is located in Huairou District of Beijing. According to historical literature, this section of the Great Wall was built under the direction of General Xu Da of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang, in the early Ming Dynasty.

Cable Car to Great Wall

A cable car takes you directly up to Tower 14.  The forest and mountain views are stunning.

Once your arrive you realize what an international tourist site this is.  There were people from all over the world visiting.  It was fun to listen to the excitement of the Indian children exploring the Great Wall.  We enjoyed many conversations with fellow tourists from different parts of America.  All of us enjoying the unique opportunity to be walking along the Great Wall.

Boulder Marker Great Wall

In 1992, this site was one of the top tourist spots in Beijing because it is the most complete section of the Great Wall.

You have 3 choices of getting to the Great Wall:

Walk up footpath with 4000+ steps for 30-40 minutes.

Ride a chair lift to Tower 6 and take a tobbogan ride down. (Our tour company sited safety reasons against doing this!)

Ride enclosed cable car to Tower 14 and this is what we did!

If you are planning to up the cable car and go down on the Toboggan you will need 2 different tickets as the cable car and chair lift are operated by 2 different companies. Several times its was mentioned how dangerous the toboggan ride is but I have to admit it sounds very tempting to try it. Do your research and make sure you have travel insurance which covers medical as tourists have been hurt! 

Stairs on Great Wall

Be prepared to tackle steps and inclines as you enjoy the Great Wall!

full size Great Wall

The section of the Great Wall is built in a unique way.  Here many watchtowers and  passes were build on steep 1,000 meter mountain ridge.  Breathe taking views.

Great Wall 2017

If I go back, I am climbing these stairs!  We only had an hour to explore and that is NOT enough time.  As a travel planner, I would make sure you had at least 3 hours to explore at your leisure.

Watch tower Great Wall 2017

Watch tower 2 Great WallGreat Wall 2017

Next time, I would love to see the Great Wall in the Fall Season!  To see the Flying Dragon (nickname) for this section of the Great Wall, surrounded by flaming red fall foliage has to be spectacular! Year around offers different scenic views flowers and lush green forest in spring and summer, red leaves in autumn and snow in winter!

Down the stairs Great Wall

ruins of ancient fort
Ruins of ancient fort.

Health wise, I prepared for this trip.  Walking over 10,000 steps a day and losing a much needed 20 pounds.  Preparations for a trip like this is essential.

The best part of this trip was being with my entire family!!!!

family picture Great Wall



















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