Meetup App Great Way To Network – Friday’s Links & Likes

Meetup App is a way to expand your networking as your begin to build on your next chapter of your life.  Networking can build your business and increase your knowledge of your new chosen industry.

When you go from working day to day in an office, and then head into an entrepreneurial direction, you can get pretty lonely.  Meetup App

For example, Joi and I need to learn more about WordPress,  so through Meetup, I have become a member of the Meetup WordPress community in my area.  There are 24 categories of interests for you to consider.  Meetup recently did a redesign, they went directly to their customers and found out that people love Meetup for the variety it offers.  People love the app because a Meet-up group becomes an outlet for the things that matter most to people.  That can include learning a new language, writing a screenplay, running a faster mile.  Meetup offers access to world by expanding possibilities for members.

As I approach my 60th birthday, I am overwhelmed with all the opportunities before me to learn.  You don’t have to learn by yourself.  Pick a topic and sign up for Meetup.  Download for your iOS and Android so there is no excuse not to become a member.

My interest list is as broad as my personality, both Joi and myself are very “Jack of all Trades” people!  Here are some of my interests which I signed up for: Startup Businesses, Nutrition, Social Meeting Marketing, Social Media, WordPress Customization, Entrepreneur Networking, Healthy Living, SEO, Chinese Culture, Meditation and Blogging.

I now have the opportunity to attend a WordPress Social, Awake Consciousness meeting, and Live Toxin  Free lecture.  Opportunities which I would not been aware of before I discovered Meetup!

Never stop learning.  God created us with a beautiful brain.  As we age, it is easy to stop and let the world grow past us.  Meetup allows us to continue down a path of learning and gives us opportunity to be social.

Let us know your Meetup interests and your experiences with the Meetup community!



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