Phonto App – Put Words on Pictures! Friday’s Links & Likes

Phonto  app allows you to be creative!  I really enjoy creating my own memes and using my own photography.  Along with blogging, I have a travel planning business.  Travel is both Joi and mine passion. To share my travel photography, add a quote and our website information makes this a marketing genius app!

For general use, Phonto is perfect if you want to send a personal birthday post to a Friend.  You can become your own Hallmark Greeting Card to your friends, all from your phone or iPad.  Phonto logo

So simply to use.  Just be creative.

Phonto screen shot 1

You have these six tools to work with to create your own style, your own meme, your own birthday wish!

Phonto screen shot 2

Over 200 fun and adventuress fonts to choose from!  Just keep playing with it until you get the desired look!

Phonto screen shot 3A spectrum of beautiful colors to choose from.  Perfect tool to marketing your business on social media!

What you need to know:

You can install other fonts

Text size is changeable

Text color is changeable

Text Shadow is changeable

Text is rotatable

Text stroke color and width is changeable

Text background color is changeable

Letter spacing is changeable

Line spacing is changeable

Meaning…Phonto app is flexible!

Note:  Phonto for Android doesn’t have all equivalent features  to the Phonto for iOS.

Too large image could case the app to crash.  This is for social media!  You enable “Medium” or “Small” image size setting!

Ready, set, GO have some fun with the Phonto app!

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