Shanghai Disney

Shanghai Disney  is filled with imagination and thrills!  If you love the Disney brand, you will be able to tolerate the shows in Chinese.  We went to China for our middle son’s wedding and how else does one celebrate the good fortune of a love match than a trip to Disney!  Perfect for my family who are Disney connoisseurs!

Dusey Shanghai Disney

See these genuine smiles!!!!!!

Our newlywed daughter-in-law who speaks Mandarin and English very well made sure that this was a memorable trip.  Through her arrangements we procured a Shanghai Disney guide.  Our guide works not for Disney but for a separate guide company.  She helped us arrange for the Fastpasses and then weaved us back and forth through the park so that we never had to stand in long painful lines.  We accomplished the entire park in one day and paid our guide approx. $30.00 per person for her services.  My entire family felt hiring her was worth every penny.  She only spoke Chinese.  If you are planning a family trip to Shanghai in the near future, I would work with a travel planner like myself to hire an English speaking guide.

Our favorite section was Tomorrowland.  My middle son is a 3-D Character designer who knows first-hand several of the creative people involved in the development of Shanghai Disney’s Tomorrowland.  We were all impressed. Our favorite ride is TRON!

Shanghai Disney Tron

Shanghai Disney TRON Dusey

Before ride picture!  Filled with anticipation!

TRON is a thrill ride that I could enjoy!  I am not crazy about roller coasters but TRON takes on a different feel, it simulates riding the TRON-like cycle.  Because we used the guide, some of us (not me) rode TRON three times!

Shanghai Disney TRON Chadwick

TRON sends like a sling shot!

This is my favorite picture from our day at Disney!  I am holding on for dear life, determined to enjoy TRON while my son is screaming for joy over the momentum of imagination.  Suggest you watch TRON before climbing aboard to enhance the details of this ride! Disney is the master of imagination details!

My next favorite ride was the new and cinema enhanced Pirates of the Caribbean.  Wowza!  We really enjoyed it and wish we would of ridden it more than once as it had a lot of detail.  Sensory overload!

Shanghai Disney

All of our mid-twenty year olds enjoyed Camp Discovery, 3 uniquely thrilling elevated rope course which traverse the terrain of Roaring Mountain.  Hopefully Disney will reproduce this attraction in the US because this was a favorite!

Camp Discover Shanghai

Shanghai Disney Resort is in Pudong, Shanghai, China, opened in June, 2016.  It is the first Disney Park resort in mainland China.  Currently there are only 2 Disney resort hotels on property.  2 additional theme parks and hotels are being planned which will cover over 963 acres in total build out.  The Walt Disney Company per Chinese policy own only 43% of the resort.

The food was standard Disney faire.  They didn’t have any places to buy water or other drinks open until later in the day and we really needed more hydration opportunities in the park.  We enjoyed hamburgers and fries in Tomorrowland, something we hadn’t had in a week so it tasted delish!  The caramel corn smelled so good but did not taste like American caramel corn.

Shanghai has 4 distinct weather seasons, please check Shanghai Meteorological Information website to select your weather to travel.

Bring your passport, they will want to see your government credential at the Main entrance.  

Get there 2 hours before park opens to be the first in line.

Get your Shanghai Disney Resort App  Study the daily wait times to plan your resort route.

We stayed in a Holiday Inn in Pudong and took a taxi to and from the Disney Resort.  The prices at the Holiday Inn  were reasonable. My daughter-in-law had read about the glass bottom pool on the 24th floor. Rated one of the top ten pools on TripAdvisor.  Swim caps are required and don’t forget your googles.

Holiday Inn Pudong

We can now cross swimming in a bottomless pool off bucket list!

Please study and plan your trip to Shanghai Disney in advance of your trip.  The language barrier makes this more difficult than planning a trip to a Disney Resort in the US.  Stay in Western hotels. I admire the way Disney respected the Chinese culture.

Our next Disney adventure is to Disney’s Animal Kingdom to visit James Cameron’s Pandora, The World of Avatar. Then who knows, Hong Kong Disney!  Stay tuned!












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